Belinda Chant - Bowen Instructor

Belinda Chant - Bowen Instructor

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Home Base: Yamba

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Belinda has been a Bowen Therapist since 2009.

After experiencing relief from a debilitating shoulder and neck problem after just two Bowen treatments, Belinda knew she had to learn how this amazing therapy worked.

Using her new qualification within her massage business, Belinda and her clients were amazed and thrilled with the rapid results her clients experienced with Bowen therapy.

The more Bowen work Belinda did the more she needed to learn and completed her Diploma in 2012.

Belinda's Bowen Therapy journey finally led her to complete her Instructor training and she is thrilled to teach others the wonders of Bowen Therapy.

Courses are held in Yamba (Far North NSW). Belinda also teaches in Tasmania. For details regarding other scheduled Tasmanian classes, please see the Instructors page & visit "Tasmania Various" for more classes.


Module 1

Start Date: 01 Sep 2018Register Now

End Date: 02 Sep 2018

Venue: Yamba, NSW

Module 1 and 2 combined

Start Date: 09 Nov 2018Register Now

End Date: 12 Nov 2018

Venue: Hobart, TAS

Module 2

Start Date: 22 Sep 2018Register Now

End Date: 23 Sep 2018

Venue: Yamba, NSW

Module 3

Start Date: 08 Dec 2018Register Now

End Date: 09 Dec 2018

Venue: Yamba, NSW

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