Michael Alcott - Bowen Instructor

Michael Alcott - Bowen Instructor

Phone: 02 9089 8940

Email: michael.alcott@sydneycomplementary.com.au

Website: http://www.sydneycomplementary.com.au

Home Base: Sydney CBD

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Michael was first introduced to Bowen therapy about 15 years ago when a bad case of RSI in the forearms left him feeling like a little old lady, unable to perform the simplest tasks such as opening the lid off a jam jar. After experiencing dramatic improvements with just one session of Bowen, he knew he had to learn this dynamic technique.

With a background in remedial massage and lymphatic drainage, both of which have become something of a specialty, Michael has taught short courses for Endeavour College of Natural Health in the last few years in Sydney. He has also taught sports massage short courses for NSW Department of Sport and Recreation.

Based in the Sydney CBD, Michael has worked with a broad spectrum of cases, including common postural problems, sports injuries, chronic conditions and lifestyle diseases. He has also worked alongside a wide range of different modalities and seen how Bowen can work well, or not so well, with those.

Most of his training will be offered from his Sydney CBD rooms, close to public transport for easy access without a car.


Module 1

Start Date: 28 Jul 2018Register Now

End Date: 29 Jul 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 2

Start Date: 08 Sep 2018Register Now

End Date: 09 Sep 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 3

Start Date: 20 Oct 2018Register Now

End Date: 21 Oct 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 4

Start Date: 17 Nov 2018Register Now

End Date: 18 Nov 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 5

Start Date: 15 Dec 2018Register Now

End Date: 16 Dec 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 6

Start Date: 09 Feb 2019Register Now

End Date: 10 Feb 2019

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Module 7

Start Date: 23 Mar 2019Register Now

End Date: 24 Mar 2019

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

Practitioner Days A and B

Start Date: 03 Nov 2018Register Now

End Date: 04 Nov 2018

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW

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