Sports Bowen

Covering everyone from elite athletes to casual and occasional exercisers, this 2-day workshop explores the potential resulting issues and how Bowen Therapy can provide relief. Explore the causes of common injuries.

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This workshop explores:

  • Issues relating to both elite athletes and those people who only exercise at weekends
  • what causes common injuries
  • an in-depth look at body mechanics
  • how Bowen can help with recovery, injury prevention and body maintenance
  • muscle firing patterns, joint and core stability and meridian involvement
  • ‘First Aid’ Bowen which can actually save lives will be addressed
  • consideration of Bowen for traveling athletes, fatigue and psychological issues associated with high performance

The workshop is PowerPoint based. Manual supplied.

Presented By: Robyn Wood
Duration: 2 days
Pre-requisite: Module 7
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours