Assessment, Palpation & Interoception For Bowen Therapy

With a focus on finding the cause of presenting complaints, Assessment Palpation & Interoception is 2-day workshop that aims to enhance your skills in assessment, palpation & interoception, and review relevant Bowen procedures.

More Info

  • Finding the cause of presenting complaints
  • Palpating body tissues with confidence
  • Applying moves in such a way as to encourage improved interoceptive processing

In the workshop:

  • Develop assessment skills: patellar tracking, hamstring contracture, calf & achilles length, bursitis, ankle sprains, upper trapezius, scalenes, SCM, TMJ dysfunction
  • Enhance palpation skills: elbow, forearm, wrist, knee, hamstring, calf & achilles, bursae, ankle high & low, upper trapezius, scalenes, SCM, TMJ dysfunction
  • Review of Bowen procedures: BRM 1, 2, 3, knee, hamstring, bursitis, ankle, neck UR/TMJ, respiratory and gall bladder
  • Interoception and its relevance to gut-brain

Presented By: Michael Quinlivan and Karen Hedrick
Pre-requisite: Module 7
2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours