Pilates and Bowen

Explore your understanding of fascia as a Bowen therapist, its relationship to exercise, and how Bowen ties in to exercise. Pilates and Bowen is hosted by Michael Alcott and Pilates Instructor, Geri Taylor.

This workshop explores:

  • Bowen therapists’ understanding of fascia, its relationship to exercise and the relationship of Bowen to exercise
  • When to stretch and when to strengthen, and when to use isometric and concentric exercises
  • Exercises and stretches beyond the current curriculum
  • The importance of exercise for Bowen and fascia
  • The elements of fascia and fascial fitness: stretch, spring, feel, revive
  • Specific exercises to improve fascial fitness
  • The reasons for giving clients specific exercises after Bowen sessions
  • How to know when to stretch and when to strengthen
  • The use of isometric and concentric contractions
  • Assessment techniques and exercises choices
  • Discussion of problem areas followed by assessment, appropriate Bowen procedures and stretching and strengthening as appropriate.
  • Exercise teaching techniques
  • Slides and take-home materials with pictures to help remember the stretches and exercises

Pilates and Bowen is a 2-day workshop.

Presented By: Michael Alcott and Geri Taylor (Pilates Instructor at Viva Pilates)
Pre-requisite: Module 11
 2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours CE

13/03/2021 - 14/03/2021
Western Plains TBA,nsw