Tensegrity Medicine Revision and Review

Want to review and stay current in your understanding of Tensegrity Medicine? We will reunite to learn about the newest research coming out about biotensegrity, fascia, the nervous system and the use of sensory based inquiry.

We will review myofascial testing and treatment principles, relational anatomy and new ideas about how cognition, emotion, and beliefs can shape our physiology.

You will learn the newest modifications of myofascial assessment and treatment and learn more about the ‘holistic assessment’.

UPDATE 6 Feb: Regrettably, we have not achieved minimum numbers for these workshops and made the difficult decision to cancel. Please click here to explore other upcoming CEU workshops and visit Kelly’s website here to learn more about her online courses.

This workshop explores:

  • Understanding the latest scientific concepts related to biotensegrity and how it relates to a Bowenwork session
  • Specific knowledge regarding kinetic chains, and commonly seen pathologies related to force transmission
  • Objective analysis and documentation of postural patterns in the biotensegral system as they relate to function and posture
  • Selecting and performing Bowen procedures in a modified position based on biotensegral testing outcomes
  • Objective evaluation and documentation of pre- and post-treatment findings in order to determine efficacy of treatment
  • Establishing customised treatment plans based on these objective findings

Presented by: Kelly Clancy
Pre-requisite: Tensegrity Medicine 1 (2017/2020) or Bowenwork, Tensegrity and the Fascial Lines (2015) or Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10534NAT
Duration: 3 days
Continuing Education Units: 24 hours