World-first documentary about Tom Bowen

How did two hands create a technique so popular that it is practised in more than 40 countries by more than 26,000 people? Who is Tom Bowen and why has his story never been told? Bowen Association Australia in conjunction with Starmax Films are producing the world’s first documentary film, These Two Hands: The Tom […]

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Bowen therapy and fascia

John Wilks tours Australia in February 2018 UK Instructor John Wilks will travel to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to teach 2 workshops: ● The Secret Life of Fascia ● Pregnancy and Birth: How Bowen practitioners can help achieve the best possible outcome for mother and baby (taught by John Wilks and Lina Clerke) The […]

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New Bowen Therapy Podcast What’s the BowenBuzz? Launched in November 2016, it’s the first podcast dedicated to Bowen therapy and Bowen therapists worldwide. It’s an online space for information about Bowen therapy and related topics for Bowen therapists, clients and anyone interested in Bowen therapy or soft-tissue therapies in general. Your host, Bowen Training Australia trainer, Chris […]

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Chronic conditions and Bowenwork

#482912311 / “Someone’s in pain. We care. What do we really have to offer, what do we really have to give? Everything, it turns out. Everything.” Ram Dass and Paul Gorman This article by USA instructor Alexia Monroe was published in the June 2014 issue of Bowen Hands. “Have you ever heard the phrase, […]

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Our Bowen journey in the Philippines

This blog post is paraphrased from an original article written by BTA Instructor Tina Price, printed in Bowen Hands, The Journal of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, in March 2014. “It all started on the 8th November, when Typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban in the Philippines. My husband Hayden and I decided to make a donation […]

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Learn Bowen Therapy for the family

A touching story  from the Philippines, of a daughter who learned Bowen therapy to support and treat her father, who has Parkinson’s Disease. Mum learned too, and through their study and practice, they are now able to help the whole family. Their teacher, Rita Hart-Smith writes: “Perhaps the most gratifying thing for me as a […]

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Bowen and natural posture

“Good posture is important to good health. But what exactly is good posture? Most of us have learned to stand erect by tucking under our tail bones, lifting the chest, pulling back the shoulders, and drawing in the belly. Although that is normal posture today, Kathleen Porter, author of Ageless Spine, Lasting Health says that  Natural […]

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Bowen’s subtle energies

David Furlong states that as energetic beings we operate on many levels of experience encompassing subtle domains of the body. Science understands energy to be the movement of forces within the electromagnetic spectrum, and it is divided into three major classifications: kinetic (dynamic) energy, potential (static) energy, and radiant (electromagnetic) energy. The physical world is […]

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Inspired by my friend Clyde

“Clyde wasn’t always my friend. In fact, until a few years back I didn’t even know him. One day in 2009, I was having lunch and I noticed this old guy all bent over. Standing, he had a profile like a question mark. As he came by where I was sitting I lifted my hand. He […]

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Bowen Technique and Thermal Imaging

A research project by Faye Ferguson entitled “Showing the effects on the body of Bowen Technique using Thermal Imaging” for the Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy “Thermal Thermography is the use of an infrared thermal imaging and measurement camera to ‘see’ and ‘measure’ thermal energy emitted from an object, in this case, a human body. […]

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