Understanding Bowen from an Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of medicine and lifestyle. This 2-day workshop with Farida Irani considers how Bowen therapy works from the Ayurvedic perspective.

This workshop explores:

  • how Bowen works from the Ayurveda Perspective
  • Bowen as a vibration therapy – Marma Chikitsa
  • the effect of Bowen on the marmas (pranic centres), chakras (the vedic system) and nadis (subtle channels)
  • Bowtech procedures linked to the marmas, chakras and nadis are identified
  • the relation of ‘Bowtech Ease’ to Ayurvedic Aromatherapy is discussed

Presented By: Farida Irani
Pre-requisite: Module 6
2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours