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Hello, I am Vianne MacBeth, Bowtech Practitioner & Instructor from Mandurah, South Coast of Western Australia. I have been a Bowen Practitioner since 2005. I practice from my home in Riverside Gardens and run classes in Perth and remote areas of Western Australia.

My passion for Bowenwork was ignited by my first Bowen treatment for a serious back problem that I suffered in my early twenties. I tried many other treatments to relieve my condition over the years but these were without lasting effect. That is where the Bowen Technique stands alone. (Pain free at last!) I have worked in many different fields from Horses to Hospitality, Operational Management, and the Performing Arts. Then I found Bowen, or rather, it found me. I wanted to learn this wonderful Technique. Where do I sign up? This started me on the most amazing journey. "Every body is better with Bowen" really is true, and I am walking talking proof of that. Bowen can change your life, as it has mine on many different levels: body, mind and spirit.

Bowenwork is now my full-time vocation. My clinic is very busy. I was the innovator in setting up a Bowenwork clinic in the Mandurah Seniors Citizens Centre, which for the past 2 years has had great success serving the wider community, whilst allowing me to hone my Bowen skills further. It was a natural progression for me to move into teaching in 2011. I am extremely passionate about teaching the Bowen Technique in its original form and sharing my passion for this amazing technique with others. I always say to my clients and students that if I can do this, anybody can, you just need the desire to take the first step (which is Module 1).

I have a few areas of special interest that I am passionate about: particularly using Bowenwork for clients with behavioral issues, anxiety and depression. Bowenwork can benefit these dis-eases of the body quite profoundly. I believe the earlier we start Bowenwork on every body, the better. Babies benefit from Bowenwork prior to, and after birth. I really love working with babies and children: the results can be amazing.

The Mind Body Bowen protocol is another particular interest of mine. I regularly use this in my clinic with amazing results. By exploring Bowen links with mind-body healing and holistic health, mind-body integration and the innate intelligence of the body, we can explore Bowenwork in-depth. The Mind Body Bowen Workshop is offered to students after module 7.

As an instructor it is essential to be patient and understanding of individual student needs in the learning process. Come and learn this exciting healing modality with like-minded people in a fun and supportive environment.


Module 4

Start Date: 19 Aug 2017Register Now

End Date: 20 Aug 2017

Venue: Perth - Hamilton Hill, WA

Module 5

Start Date: 16 Sep 2017Register Now

End Date: 17 Sep 2017

Venue: Perth - Hamilton Hill, WA

Module 6

Start Date: 14 Oct 2017Register Now

End Date: 15 Oct 2017

Venue: Perth - Hamilton Hill, WA

Module 7

Start Date: 30 Sep 2017Register Now

End Date: 01 Oct 2017

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Start Date: 18 Nov 2017Register Now

End Date: 19 Nov 2017

Venue: Perth - Hamilton Hill, WA

Module 8

Start Date: 23 Sep 2017Register Now

End Date: 25 Sep 2017

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Start Date: 23 Feb 2018Register Now

End Date: 25 Feb 2018

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Module 9

Start Date: 24 Nov 2017Register Now

End Date: 26 Nov 2017

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Module 10

Start Date: 16 Feb 2018Register Now

End Date: 18 Feb 2018

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Module 11

Start Date: 01 Jun 2018Register Now

End Date: 03 Jun 2018

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Module 12

Start Date: 26 Oct 2018Register Now

End Date: 28 Oct 2018

Venue: Mandurah, WA

Practitioner Days A and B

Start Date: 21 Oct 2017Register Now

End Date: 22 Oct 2017

Venue: Perth - High Wycombe, WA

Course Notes:

This workshop will be taught by Joanne Ulrich and Vianne MacBeth.

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