Georgi Ilchev

Georgi Ilchev is a graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of the University of Rousse (2001). He possesses considerable knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and functional diagnosis of the human body. He ran a regular PhD program on “Specifying the technique of performance in the manual muscle testing of some muscle or muscle groups” between 2002 – 2007, and graduated from the Public Health department of the Medical University in Sofia, specialising in Health Management in 2007. Georgi has authored seven publications in the field of manual muscle testing and kinesiology and three publications in the Bowen Therapy field. 

He has run a successful private practice as a Physiotherapist since 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has been a Senior Bowtech Instructor since 2015. 

Georgi Ilchev visited Australia in November–December 2023 to teach his popular workshop series, Bowen Body Decoding.

What past participants are saying:

“We studied this course after Module 7. There were so many points that made everyone go, ‘Aha!’ By lunchtime of the first day we were discussing how Georgi’s presentation made so much sense; it tied everything from Modules 1-7 together and gave a solid diagnostic framework from which to approach each new client. I would recommend this to every Module 7 and Bowen practitioner but every level will benefit. Enjoy the course!”
–Sarah Owen

“This was an extremely useful session. The explanation and practice of functional assessments were very useful. Also, I have a better understanding about what happens during slack, challenge and move stages. The meridian chart associated with symptoms and treatment plan is a brilliant thing to have.”
–Niranga Abeyakoon

What is Bowen Body Decoding and how can it improve your practice?

Bowen Body Decoding is a ‘turning point’ class for every Bowen Therapist. The workshop offers valuable information and skills in how to determine the primary cause or dysfunction as well as solutions for treatment. As we know, every body is different, which means every treatment must be unique also. The workshop will teach you what moves and procedures to perform, but more importantly, how to perform them.

Bowen Body Decoding is a 4-day workshop series. Part A is 2 days – Lower Body and Part B is 2 days – Upper Body.

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