Practitioner Days C & D

Enhance your understanding and performance of all Diploma Bowen material, including regional assessment and special tests, underlying anatomical and fascial links and basic rehabilitation for your clients. Covers lower and upper body assessments.

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  • Practitioner Day C covers Lower Body assessment of the lumbar, pelvic, hip and lower limb, related SP1 Procedures and clinical aspects.
  • Practitioner Day D includes Upper Body assessment of the neck, thoracic, shoulder and upper limb areas.
  • Discuss issues that arise in your clinical practice.

Presented By: All Bowen Training Australia Diploma Instructors, Australia-wide
Pre-requisite: Module 12
 2 days or Practitioner Day C – 1 day, Practitioner Day D – 1 day
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours per Practitioner Day