Practitioner Days C & D

Enhance your understanding and performance of all Diploma Bowen material, including regional assessment and special tests, underlying anatomical and fascial links and basic rehabilitation for your clients. Practitioner Days C and D cover all aspects related to the lower and upper body.

Using the assessment summary sheets for the four regions of the body, we will review scenarios based upon relevant clinical presentations, to develop appropriate assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. This will incorporate robust class discussions, sharing of clinical experiences, demonstration, and practice of observations, assessment including special tests and procedures, and suggestions for stretching or strengthening where appropriate.

There is also the opportunity to explore a variety of pathologies that have presented in your clinics and look at ways to address these using Diploma material including:

  • Review of the information around fascia and various myofascial lines including the associated principles of treatment.
  • Discuss the benefits of explaining radiographic reports to clients and where to find relevant information
  • Explore meridian connections and principles of treatment including disorders, associated digits, and muscles, and treating the beginning and end of the meridians
  • Review muscle firing patterns and look at how to assess, address and correct inappropriate patterns when muscles are found to be firing out of order.

More Info

  • Practitioner Day C covers
    • Lower Body assessment of the lumbar, pelvic, hip, and lower limb
    • related SP1 Procedures and clinical aspects
  • Practitioner Day D includes
    • Upper Body assessment of the neck, thoracic, shoulder, and upper limb areas
  • Discuss issues that arise in your clinical practice

Practitioners may attend Day C or Day D or both days.

Presented By: All Bowen Training Australia Diploma trainers, Australia-wide
Pre-requisite: Module 12
 2 days or Practitioner Day C only – 1 day, Practitioner Day D only – 1 day
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours per day – Category 1

02/11/2024 - 03/11/2024
Sunshine Coast - Castaways Beach,qld