Upper Limb – A Structural and Functional Perspective

Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of upper limb and function in this one-day, interactive, online workshop.

You’ll acquire another clinical dimension in planning and explaining your treatments, paying particular attention to correct biomechanics and the possible effects of imbalance.

This workshop aims to enhance your general knowledge, confidence, competence, and observation skills in a clinical environment, helping to promote optimal Bowen protocol selection to facilitate the best overall treatment outcome.

This workshop explores:

  • Upper Limb – Planes and Axes of Movement
  • Surface Anatomy of the Upper Limb
  • Muscles associated with movement of the Upper Limb
  • Ligaments that stabilise the Upper Limb
  • Biomechanics of Upper Limb for coordinated movement
  • Relevant Bowen Therapy procedure review relating to the Upper Limb and surrounding structure
  • Pain patterns and basic taping for Upper Limb injury and dysfunction
  • Theoretical understanding enabling effective examination of the Upper Limb

Also available: Shoulder Complex – A Structural and Functional Perspective. Learn more here.


I found Kristin’s teaching method inclusive and engaging. She made it easy to learn and I felt comfortable asking questions and she was very knowledgeable. Look forward to doing more workshops with Kristin.


Having studied at several colleges and universities I can honestly say that Kristin North is the best tutor I have had. Her delivery is impeccable, she is a great communicator. She is knowledgeable, engaging, supportive and patient. Her passion for Bowen Therapy shines through and her enthusiasm both motivates and captivates the class. If you are considering training to be a Bowen therapist I highly reccommend Kristin to take you through each step of your journey.

–Claire (Registered Nurse)

Presented By: Kristin North
Pre-requisite: Module 7
Duration: 1 day
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours online (Category 2) with Bowen Association Australia & Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)