Bowenhacking the Lymph, Glymph, Immune and ANS

Help self-regulate and maintain optimal health by “Bowenhacking” our Lymphatic, Glymphatic, Immune and Autonomic Nervous Systems. After the last few years of living through a global crisis, it is evident that maintaining our health is the best weapon we can give ourselves to fight disease. We have the opportunity as facilitators of this great gift of Bowen Therapy to educate and arm our clients with as much knowledge as possible to maintain healthy body systems.

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This workshop explores:

  • What is Sympathetic Dominance (SD), how does it impact us and how can “Bowenhacking” help get our bodies out of survival and into thrive mode?
  • A deep dive into the Lymphatic, Glymphatic and Immune systems, and what is the connection between the three.
  • Understanding chronic Lymphatic disorders including Lipoedema, Lymphedema, Inflammation and Autoimmune.
  • Why early diagnosis is essential and why Bowen needs to be part of a continuing treatment plan.
  • Take away lifestyle prescriptions for yourselves and your clients including a daily Lymphatic and Glymphatic routine you can add into your everyday life for optimal function.

Presented By: Kate Anderson
Duration: 2 days
Pre-requisite: Module 7
Continuing Education: 16 hours (Category 1)

10/08/2024 - 11/08/2024